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We Service

Service is important.

Customers, when dealing with suppliers, prefer courteous attitude, follow-ups and product knowledge. Placing orders over the phone allows you, as a customer, ask for advice sometimes, but, mostly, have somebody else enter your order.

At Dental Market, although we ask you to fill out the order online, we do our best to provide quality products for the best final prices, we match prices upon request, we follow up, we process refunds and returns, we have chat support in addition to the phone. We keep our phone support to the minimum, therefore being able to keep prices low.

We do not chase you to make upgrades and spend more, we don’t make unsolicited phone calls and we don’t show up at your office, taking up your valuable time.

We take feedback and we are constantly working on improving every aspect of your shopping experience with us. We do not waste your time. We consider this a great service.