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Protemp Plus Temporization Material – Shade A2, Introductory Kit


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Protemp Plus Intro Kit Contains: 1 – 67g cartridge (shade A2), 1 Relyx temp cement NE,16 mixing tips, 1 dispenser 4:1/10:1, 1 filtek supreme ultra syringe(A2).
A bis-acrylic composite in a hand-mix formula for direct chairside temporary restorations, Protemp II provisional material offers excellent esthetics, tight marginal seal with precision fit and high biocompatibility. Applications: For temporary restorations, including: -Multiple-unit bridges -Full and partial crowns -Inlays and onlays Benefits: -Easy-to-extrude delivery system with acustic dosing aid for base paste and catalyst for easy handling and high quality. -Offers exceptionally tight marginal seal with precision fit. -High biocompatibility.
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