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  • Optim Disinfectant Wipes 160/Can

    Optim Disinfectant Wipes 160/Can

      Size 6" x 6.75" One step disinfectant cleaner Removes organic debris while disinfecting Made with 0.5% hydrogen peroxide, leaving no active residues Wipes cover twice as much...

    In Stock - $29.95

  • Optim 28 4L/Jug

    Optim 28 4L/Jug

      Optim 28 4L/JugOptim 28 4l 5 minute instrument pre-cleaner. Bactericidal and virucidal Nonirritating to eyes and skin Biodegradable, no waste treatment required Nonflammable Alcohol, phenol,...

    In Stock - $52.95

  • Optim 33 TB 1L Bottle

    Optim 33 TB 1L Bottle

      1L Bottle OPTIM 33 TB surface cleaner and disinfectant is formulated with AHP, a globally patented technology. The active ingredient – 0.5 % Hydrogen Peroxide. Accelerated...

    In Stock - $19.95

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