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Dispensing Guns

  • Mark3, 100-0068

    Dispensing Gun 1:1 / 2:1 25ml. For Core Material

    1/pk Core Material Dispensing Gun 1:1 & 2:1 Ratio Type 25. Fits most 25ml or 50ml cartridges. The Dispensing Gun 1:1/2:1 by MARK3 is used to extrude 25ml Core material cartridges It consists of a release lever and a plunger, which are...


  • Mark3, 100-110411

    Dispensing Gun 10:1 / 4:1 50ml. For C&B

    1/pkDispensing Gun 10:1- 4:1 is used to dispense most crown and bridge materials including, MARK3, Luxatemp and Integrity. Dispensing Gun 10:1 4:1 - MARK3 Dispensing Gun Luxatemp Integrity 10:1 by MARK3 is an all-purpose tool used for dispensing most...


  • Mark3, 100-0067

    Dispensing Gun 1:1 / 2:1 50ml. For VPS & Bite

    1/pkVPS Dispensing Guns by MARK3 offer unswerving and consistent mixing of most 50mL VPS products. This Dispensing gun is used for the extrusion of impression materials and bite registration materials from cartridges. Its easy extrusion and consistent...


  • Mark3, 100-0065

    Dispensing Gun 1:1 5ml. For Automix Syringes

    1/pkThe MARK3 1:1 Dispensing Gun for Automix Syringes will dispense most dental materials packed in a 5ml, 1:1 double barrel syringe, such as core and crown and bridge materials.Works with: Pulpdent Activa, Pentron Build-It® FR™...


  • Mark3, 100-0790

    Dispensing Gun with Metal Tip For Composite

    1/pkComposite Gun - Compule Dispenser by MARK3 is High quality without the high cost of brand names. Composite Gun - Compule Dispenser -MARK3 Fits a wide variety of Unidose Compules. Ergonomic Design Excellent Price.


  • Silmet, 199971

    SecuraFil Compule Dispenser (Composite Gun)

    1/pkComposite Capsule Dispenser SecuraFil gives you great leverage when placing your everyday composite providing an easy and accurate dispensing of the material. Securafil is easy to use and capsule is securely snapped into position. It can be used as a...


  • Silmet, 199970

    Secure Applier For ProGlass Capsule

    1/pkSecurApplier is a glass ionomer capsule applier, compatible for use with all encapsulated Glass lonomer products. Use SecurApplier to pre-activate the capsule and dispense the mixed material from capsule directly to the designated surface. The...