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Frequently Asked Questions

Due to an abnormal amount of follow-up questions, we are not able to respond to them all. Please read below the answers to the most common inquiries. 






What is the status of my order


This information can be found online. Please login to your account and follow the status there. If the account is sitting in "Order Processing", this means there are many orders ahead of yours, and we are getting to each of them in order.


Do you have a specific item in stock?


For the most part, we have stock of the items we advertise (except brand names masks). If we run out of stock due to high demand, we replenish it within days.


I didn't receive an email confirmation after I placed the order.


The system sends confirmation email automatically. Please check your "spam" folder or make sure that the email address you used had no errors. 


I have received the confirmation about my refund, but I do not see the money yet on my credit card.


Please allow up to 5 business days for the credit to appear on your statement. This is a standard practice, and is up to your credit institution.


Why is the price so high on infection control products?


Due to the overwhelming demand, suppliers are running out of the stock faster than usual, and to replenish it, they have to pay higher price to the manufacturers. The manufacturing costs increase, as manufacturers have to increase productivity, higher extra staff, and pay more for materials, electricity, etc.


I have received the tracking number, what do I do with it?


Please track your shipment on the UPS website. Copy the tracking number and paste it in the "track" area.

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