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Zytec Germ Buster Extra Strength Hand Sanitizer Spray 500 ML

Was: $9.95
Now: $5.95



  • Contains 80% alcohol
  • Instantly kills harmful bacteria
  • Safe to spray on hands
  • Dries quickly without dripping or leaving any sticky residue
  • Does not require wiping or rinsing
  • Made in Canada

The Germ Buster Extra Strength Hand Sanitizer Spray kills harmful bacteria and germs. This spray is made with 80% alcohol and dries quickly without dripping or leaving any sticky residue, so you can rest assured that your hands will remain clean and safe. It's convenient for office, desk, and home use and makes it efficient and easy to clean your hands when soap and water are not available. Say no to sticky residue and hello to soft and smooth hands!

Size: 500 mL