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House Brand

  • Hand Sanitizer Gel 8oz Germs Be Gone

      8oz Sanitizer kills 99.9% of germs and is enriched with Aloe and Vitamin E so you can rest assured that your hands will remain clean and safe. Say no to sticky residue and hello to soft and...

    In Stock - $9.95

  • Gloves Latex Powder Free - 100/Box

    Gloves Latex Powder Free - 100/Box

    100/Box Natural rubber latexCross-linked molecular structureMay cause allergic reactions in some people Powder-freeAmbidextrousColour: CreamSizes: X-Small, Small, Small-Medium, Medium, Large,...

    In Stock - $29.95

  • Gloves Latex PF

    Gloves Latex Powder Free 100/Pk

    100/Box non-sterile, all-purpose latex examination glove is dusted uniformly and lightly with high-grade corn starch for easy donning and removal. this dual-leached glove is significantly low in...

    In Stock - $29.95

  • Safety Glasses

    Safety Glasses, 1 Pair

    Available in clear or tintedProtective eyewear, also known as safety glasses, protects eyes from sprays, splatters and small particles during exams or dental procedures.

    In Stock - $19.95

  • Headrest Covers 500/Case

    Headrest Covers 500/Case

    10x10 or 10x13Headrest Covers provide absorbency for Infection Control Products for your patients and equipment by keeping your headrest sanitary and dry. These covers are poly-lined to prevent...

    In Stock - $39.95

  • Tray Sleeves 500/Box

    Tray Sleeves 500/Box

    Tray Sleeves 500/BoxOffering better protection than paper, the plastic cover sleeves cover the entire surface of the tray – increasing both sanitation and professional appearance.

    In Stock - $39.95

  • Chair Covers (Sleeves)

    Chair Covers (Sleeves)

    Available in full or half For use on hard non-porous surfaces Durable, nonwoven towels won’t bunch up during use Flat Packs minimize storage space, unclutter counter space, and are...

    In Stock - $40.95 - $59.95

  • Ear Loop Filter Masks 50/Box

    Characteristic Level 1 Bacterial filtration efficiency ≥95% Sub-micron particulates filtration efficient at 0.1 micron ≥95% Differential pressure,...

    In Stock - $69.95

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