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Non-contact Wall/Desk Mounted Infrared Body Temperature Scanner. - On order. Ships in 2 weeks.

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Put on a table, or easily install on a wall.


When no one is measuring, the measured temperature shows the ambient temperature.

The inspected person only needs to raise his head slightly when passing normally to detect the forehead temperature, and the final test result will be displayed at the lower right of the LCD screen.
Automatically counts once for each detection, the system automatically counts the number of detections and the number of alarms.

Compensation parameters can be adjusted from 0-9, 0 is suitable for a relatively low-temperature environment, and 5 is suitable for a relatively warm environment. Users can adjust according to the use environment. (The smaller the number, the greater the compensation)



Detection distance Forehead, 5-15CM

Temperature measurement range 30ºC~42ºC

Minimum resolution 0.1ºC

Temperature measurement module MELEXIS

Temperature measurement accuracy ±0.5ºC(indoor temperature)

Repeat accuracy ±0.2ºC

Response time 0.1S

Measure time 0.5S-1.5S

Display 7 inch color touch screen

Power consumption ≤50W

External power  220V  50Hz  

Working environment -10ºC~35ºC



1. The product uses infrared thermal imaging technology to perform infrared thermal imaging on the human face or hand, recognize the temperature of each point, and then calculate the maximum temperature of the face or hand;

2. Non contact fast temperature measurement, 15 ~ 20cm away from the instrument, with the eyes directly looking at the lens, the instrument can measure the temperature within 2 seconds

3. It can be used when the computer is not needed; it can be powered by a power bank, and one power bank can supply power continuously for 24-50 hours;

4. The normal temperature buzzer will sound for 1 second, and the over temperature buzzer will continue to sound an alarm

5. It can display the latest measurement records, including time and temperature;

6. Display the total number of people measured and the number of people overtemperature;

7. Three month measurement records can be stored; optional record export function, measurement record excel file exported to U disk

8. Optional WiFi function, measurement data can be uploaded to the server, and can be viewed by mobile phone

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